Rich Kammerer Summer Musky League
Musky League Rules:

1.There is no-cost to participate in the BTL Summer Fishing League.

2.You do NOT have to be a member of BTL Chapter 20, MI to participate.

3.Participants MUST have a current Wisconsin fishing license.

4.Participants MUST abide by all applicable fishing and boating rules and regulations.

5.This is a Catch and Release league. No musky may be kept.

6.The league will be run on a points system to determine the BTL Summer Fishing League Champion.

7.Points will be awarded on league nights from 5:00pm – 9:00pm (fish caught after 9 pm are not eligible for points).

8.Participants are not required to fish every league outing - fish the dates your schedule permits.

9.This is a casting-only league -Trolling will NOT be permitted for points during league nights.

10.The use of live bait will NOT be permitted for points during league nights.

11.Un-intentional foul-hooked fish will be considered a legal catch, unless sight fishing


      a.Prior to the first outing, Rob Howe will email a contact list of all those who have            indicated they will be participating. He will update the list periodically.

     b.Those who will participate should confirm via email, phone, or Facebook by midnight  Sunday night the week of the outing.

     c.Participants can choose who they fish with, or be assigned a partner by Rob Howe.

     d.Before each outing week, Rob Howe will pair participants who confirmed they will attend by midnight Sunday night. Pairings will be communicated via email and Facebook, by midnight on Monday.

     e.Members using their boat for the evening (“boater”) will be paired with those without a boat or a boat owner not using his/hers for the evening (“non-boater”).

     f.Depending on participation, three in a boat may occur (must be pre-approved by the boat owner).

     g.Junior members (under the age of 18) may fish with a parent or any club member ONLY if pre-approved by the boat owner and junior member’s parent or guardian.

     h.It is YOUR responsibility to contact your assigned partner to determine the logistics for the week such as

          ·Meeting time and place

          ·What to bring

          ·Rules of the boat

     i.Pairing is not guaranteed if you do not inform Rob Howe you will be participating by midnight on Sunday, but he will pair those who notify him after that time when possible.

13.If a Muskie is caught while fishing alone (while waiting for partner to arrive during regulation time or because partner did not show up) and assuming fish is netted, the person catching the muskie will score ONLY “catch” points. Net points will not be awarded for solo fish.

14.The member with the most points following the final league date will be named the BTL Summer Fishing League Champion and:
     a. Will be awarded a commemorative plaque. 
     b.Their name will be inscribed on the Rich Kammerer Summer Fishing League Trophy, 
     c.The winner will hold trophy until the next league champion is names.

15.If the league ends with a tie for high score, the winner will be determined by the single longest (in inches) muskie caught

16.For the safety of all the participants and the fish, we reserve the right to declare certain periods of time as “ineligible”. 

      a.During a period of extreme weather conditions participants are expected to exercise common sense. If lighting is approaching, get off the water. 

     b.Severe storms with lightning will end the event. Participants are required to be aware of the weather conditions. We will not be required to notify you when an event is canceled due to extreme weather.

     c.If the surface temp of the water on the lake is 80 or above, we will be postponing or canceling that outing. A determination will be made by Wednesday evening the week of the outing.

17.By participating in this league, participants agree on all the above rules.

18.League outings will rotate between Random Lake and Big Elkhart Lake

19. Practice “CPR” – “Catch, Photo & Release” - Submit photo for website/Facebook postings!

20.We encourage/request scanning of any fish caught for an embedded tag (both Elkhart and Random Lakes)
     a.Rob Howe and Mike Scholler have scanners, call one of them over (if they are out) if you catch a fish (assuming the fish is not overly stressed and water temps are below 75. If the fish is stressed or water temp is above 75, release immediately).
     b.The person catching the musky or Mike/Rob will send the scan code and info in to the DNR for research purposes. They will provide information on the fish scanned (how many times scanned, size at last scan, etc…).

21.We strongly request you send a picture of any musky caught during league to Rob Howe, and post a picture of the fish on our Facebook page along with any details you wish to share (please do NOT specify the Lake in fish posts).

22.The defending Champion will be asked to run the league the following year.

23.At the end of the league season, a raffle ticket for each outing attended will be awarded to participants. We will draw for prizes TBD at the end of the season.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL muskies caught will score points; even undersized muskies

Fish caught must be reported to Rob Howe by Friday evening the week of the outing to receive points.

* 5 pts for each week of participation

* 10 pts catching ANY muskie

* 5 pts for netting a muskie

* 2 pts for EVERY inch catching a muskie over 32-inches

* 1 pt for EVERY inch netting a muskie over 32-inches

* Catch/net a muskie on a “Double Bait”, above points for catching/netting that muskie double

* Any Muskie not netted (too small, or other) will not be credited with netting points.

*No one may take both netting and catching points on the same fish.

Results and standings will be posted on Facebook and our Website on as regular a basis as possible.

For any questions or to sign up contact:

Rob Howe – - 920-254-8172

​League is open to anyone. Join and meet fellow musky fanatics, learn some new techniques, and enjoy a night on the water.

About Summer Musky League

Join fellow musky fisherman on Thursday nights during the summer.

Starting in May, we fish every other Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm.

We rotate between Elkhart Lake and Random Lake.

Some of us get together for dinner before each outing, and some have a beer after outings.

Champion is awarded a plaque and has their name added to the Rich Kammerer Summer Fishing League traveling trophy.

If interested in fishing in the league, please send the following information to Rob Howe at (You can also message him from our Facebook page.)
-Phone Number
-Do you have a boat available for use (yes/no)
-Your email address
Past League Results:

1st: Rob Howe                224 pts
2nd: Ted Scharl               191 pts
3rd: Jared Grunewald    166 pts

1st Jim Kvindlog            80 pts
2nd: Ted Scharl             77 pts
3rd: Josh Grunewald     74 pts

1st: Rob Howe                150 pts
2nd: Jack Schabel          109 pts
3rd: Andy Warning            84 pts

1st: Matt Abraham               166 pts
2nd: Jack Schabel                85 pts
3rd: Ted Scharl                     62 pts

2021 Outing Dates
Thursday May 6thRandom Lake
Thursday May 20thElkhart Lake
Thursday June 3rdRandom Lake
Thursday June 17th Elkhart Lake
Thursday July 1stRandom Lake
Thursday July 15thElkhart Lake
Thursday July 29thRandom Lake
Thursday Aug 5thElkhart Lake
Thursday Aug 19thElkhart Lake
Thursday Aug 26thRandom Lake